Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rules of gaming club

Hi everybody,

Sorry, no tutorial or other interesting article today. Just something funny I thought of while watching Fight Club, a 1999 classic about a guy who starts a club where people can fight complete strangers for fun and relaxation. Sounds cool right? 

Well in the movie there where eight rules people had to follow when they became a member of Fight Club, and I thought to myself, "these rules apply to tabletop gaming clubs as well" with a few tweaks that is. 

Okay so here we go, I will state the original rule and then the adapted rule and the reason why this is a good rule for tabletop wargaming clubs.

Fight Club rule #1
You do not talk about Fight Club. 
Wargaming Club rule #1
You do not talk about Wargaming Club in none-wargaming social gatherings.
~Seriously, most people will just look at you in a weird way.

Fight Club rule #2
You DO NOT talk about Fight Club.
Wargaming Club rule #2
You DO NOT talk about Wargaming Club if you ever want to get a girlfiend.
~Unless you met her, your local friendly gaming store is not a good place for a first date! 

Fight Club rule #3
If someone yells "stop!", goes limp or tabs out, the fight is over.
Wargaming Club rule #3
If someone yells "stop!", goes limp, tabs out, cries, vomits or touches the dice, the game is over.
~Just don't touch my dice man, it's not cool!

Fight Club rule #4
Only two guys at a fight.
Wargaming Club rule #4
Only the guys that are in the game, are in the game.
~If you are that guy that watches a game, and then starts to point out possible tactics to on of the players? Just leave...

Fight Club rule #5
Only one fight at a time, fellas.
Wargaming Club rule #5
~Errm... Okay I couldn't think of anything that would make sense here...

Fight Club rule #6
No shirts, no shoes.
Wargaming Club rule #6
Shirts and shoes stay on! 
~Have you taken a look at yourself lately? Taken a shower? Washed your feet? Deodorant? No man... Just no!

Fight Club rule #7
Fights will go on as long as they have to.
Wargaming Club rule #7
Games will go on as long as they have to. 

Fight Club rule #8
If this is your first time at the Fight Club, you have to fight.
Wargaming Club rule #8
If this is your first time at the Wargaming Club, you have to play.
~That way you wont be that smart-mouthed guy who nobody knows. It is a good way to let people get to know you!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading these. I found it pretty funny to write.
Cya next time! 

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