Wednesday, June 29, 2016

For the horde!

Hello wonderful guys and girls,

I am sorry for my absence, but I had a bunch of stuff going on after moving house. Still a lot of chores that needed to be done, so not a lot of time for painting or other hobby related stuff.

I do want to share something cool I recently got, in the wake of the movie Warcraft: The beginning.


There where two sculptors I follow on Facebook that where working on some very interesting busts.

The first bust I found was sculpted by the well known and very talented Joaquin Palacios, sculptor of the Crystal Brush 2016 award winning piece Garrosh. The piece is 55mm tall and consists of 7 pieces, depicting a nameless orc with a resemblance to warchief Durotan.

As you can see, it is a very detailed, beautiful piece. It is currently available for pre-order till the 15th of July. The pre-order price is €38 + shipping. After the 15th of July the price for this bust will be €40. Contact to order or for more information.

The second sculptor, Przemyslaw Szymczyk, made two busts based on the orcs in the film. One 58mm bust called Commander Baldum with similarities to Orgrim Doomhammer and one 70mm sized bust called Overlord Hard'al that depicts Durotan.

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Both busts are incredibly detailed and have a lot of character. The 70mm bust consists of 2 pieces. Durotan is being sold for €34,99 (pre-order price) and Orgrim can be bought for €29,99. For more information or to order contact

I had a hard choice to make. As you can see all these busts are beautiful and will be a joy to paint. Eventually it was the expression in the faces that tipped the scales. I ordered the busts from Ares Warforge and received them a couple of days later.


I would like to start with the packaging. I received the busts in a box with styrofoam 'cheeto's'. This doesn't allow the figures to move inside and damage each other. While everything got to me fine and in perfect condition, some individual packaging (blister pack or ziploc bag) with some sort of inspirational art for the buyer, is something Ares Warforge could maybe improve on in the future.

Moving on to the busts. The busts did have a little flash and Overlord Hard'al has small mold lines running over his shoulders. Nothing fine sandpaper and some putty can fix though!

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the busts are very detailed and the skin, hair and teeth all have a really nice texture to them. There is a separate piece for the necklace with tusks or claws hanging from them. They are probably from a bear he killed with his bare hands!

I couldn't detect any mold lines on the 58mm sculpt of Commander Baldum. Only on the underside of the bust could I detect mold lines. The perfectionists under us will want to sand that away, but it would be OK to leave it. (Who am I kidding? We are all perfectionists in this hobby!)
There was a little bit of flash (or casting vents) underneath his beard and under the claws of the pelt he is wearing over his shoulder. A sharp knife made quick work of that. This might be my favorite figure due to the expression on his face. He looks agitated! A true orc!

As you can see all these busts are stunning and I can't wait to start painting them! Currently I am trying to plan out how to paint them and to get the required materials. Once they are done (if ever) I will share the results with you!

If you are interested in getting these busts for yourself be sure to use the contact information provided in the intro part of this article or look them up on Facebook!

For now thank you for reading. Feel free to leave a comment below with questions or suggestions. You can also click the 'Join this site' button on the right side column to subscribe to my blog or share this article with your friends. Thanks in advance!

I hope to see you next time but for now, happy painting!

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