Tuesday, August 22, 2017

To know when done is done!

Hi, everybody!

In this article, I want to share my opinion and insight on the matter in the title, to know when to put something away and consider it finished!

A lot of you might have the same struggle that I have, a pile of unfinished projects...

eternal WIP project, tribal orc

Eternal WIP project, Chaos Lord
Recently, I came to realize that it is WAY BETTER to finish a project without it being perfect instead of struggling through the eternal path to perfection.

Eternal WIP project, Durotan

Eternal WIP project, Orgrim Doomhammer
From now on, I am just gonna finish stuff. It is important for yourself and your personal development as a painter or sculptor or whatever artistic clan you associate yourself with to finish projects and to learn from it.

Eternal WIP project, wrecked T-34 tank

Eternal WIP project, Dungeon Explorer
The end result might not be as good as you want it to be but the important part is that you had an idea and brought it to life, start to finish! Don't worry about your project being perfect because in one or two years from now you will have learned so much more that you won't like your old projects anyway.

Eternal WIP project, Abalam prince of hell

Eternal WIP project, Feral orc
Finishing projects, makes you learn so much more than struggling with that one project, trying to make it perfect.

Also, when it's done, it is done. This might sound like crappy advice but it will allow you to put your project away and focus on something new, to use what you learned in your previous project and bring it to life!

From now on, I will stop worrying about making a project as good as it can possibly be. I will start planning what I want to do with it and just do it!

I know this article isn't so much about painting itself but more about the project of making a finished model but I hope you liked it anyway and that maybe this will help you with your current and future projects.

Next up will a finished project! 😜
Cya all next time!

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