Monday, September 11, 2017

Broken - by Trovarion

Hello, dear paint-sprayers and brush-lickers,

In this article, I want to show you guys and girls a beautiful little bust by Trovarion. Christoph Eichhorn, the person behind Trovarion, is a painter and sculptor. He has made many figures and bust that can be often seen on Putty&Paint, Facebook or at conventions and competitions.

The bust I got is a very cute, small bust of a damaged android. I haven't measured it but I'd say it's about 5cm high. The droid's right jaw and cheek (the viewers left) is damaged due to some unknown cause.

Front view of the bust

The undamaged side of the android

Shot of the damaged cheek
As you can see, the bust doesn't feature a lot of different textures, but it does have more than enough options for patterns or some nice weathering. Since there are not a ton of cool sci-fi busts out there this is a real gem! The original price was €25 but Christoph figured out how to get the price down to €21 for new buyers. Contact Christoph via the Trovarion Facebook page to check the current price and availability.

Well, that is all for this little review. I hope you enjoyed it as I will enjoy painting this little droid bust.

Thank you for reading and don't forget to keep the tip pointy and the airbrush needle lubed up!

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