Monday, October 16, 2017

Orc Champion v1 by GT Studio Creations

Hi fellow hobbyists!

In this short article, I want to show you the first orc champion by GT Studio Creations. They started a Kickstarter early 2017 to make amazing orc models, and they delivered! They have a ton of male orcs, female orcs, and goblins. I was lured to their orc champions, which are basically orcs on steroids. These champions tower over their orc brethren.

the ungodly lovechild of the incredible hulk
and a god of chaos
Sadly I only found out about them just after their Kickstarter ended, but they let me buy 2 champions. These models, from the 1/48 scale range, are over 60mm high! Even better, they got even larger models available, 100mm as a display model! Both champions are based on the same legs and torso, so the version 2 champion basically only has a head and arms swap. However, the change is significant enough to make it look like a unique miniature.

the orc champion v2
The only "problems" I found with this miniature is that there is a gap where the arms connect to the shoulder that really needs to be filled and the "skirt" is one massive piece of resin. Looking at it from the front or back isn't a problem, but there are some angles where this really stands out.

design choices... this mini was made
to be produced in plastic but changed
to resin. 
As I mentioned I'm also getting the champion version 2 and apparently I'm also getting the female champion. I'm looking forward to checking those out as well! Next on my list from the models from GT Creation Studio are the orc warlords. These models have really cool armor and some massive weapons that make them look fierce on both a gaming table and a display base!

All and all I'm really happy about this model. The skirt is a small thorn in my eye but maybe I can fix it. The casting quality is really good and so is the sculpt and the details. There are some gaps that need to be filled but nothing a little putty can't fix!

sorry for the fuzzy photo, but you can clearly
see the gap between the shoulder and the arm
Thank you guys for reading! Check out Fausto and GT Studio Creations on Facebook or on their website if you are looking for more information about their orcs!

I hope to see you all next time!

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