Thursday, May 1, 2014

Introductions are in place

Welcome to my new blog, Airbrush & Analog Painting.
My name is Koen, also known as FearGFX and I will be posting tutorials, reviews and my hobby views and experiences on this blog.

I started painting 3 years ago when I fell ill for a long period of time and couldn't leave the house. I asked my dad (I still lived with my parents at the time) to pick me up one of those Games Workshop boxes where you got 5 Space Marines, 5 paints and a paint brush.

I painted one according following the instructions on the box and wasn't happy about it. Not long after I was browsing the internet looking for painting tutorials and not long after I found YouTube as a great source of information. Not long after I bought a webcam to make my own video's.

This really got me going. I discovered a whole new dimension of my hobby! I loved showing stuff off and getting feedback on how to improve. I wanted to give back to the community that practically learned me how to paint. I started doing tutorials and reviews. I really enjoy making these and sharing what knowledge I have to inspire or help improve others.

Seeing the results some painters achieved with airbrushes made me really interested in getting into that as well! I started with a cheap, Chinese knockoff and a semi decent, budget compressor and started playing around. The results where amazing, painting vehicles especially! My advice for everyone that is starting to paint with airbrushes, start with terrain and large vehicles. It might be scary testing this new technique on expensive models, but the larger surface gives you a chance to get a feel for it and the paint coming from an airbrush is so thin that if you mess up you can easily repaint it.

I got in touch with some great youtubers like TemplarsCrusade01, Chung Chow and Lester Bursley and got associated with the Wargamers Consortium. Now being a part of a much larger community I made lots of new friends. With the ability to broadcast live using Google+ Hangouts lots of live shows where sprouting, from a.oMiniWarGaming and WGC and soon after my friend Spud Tate and myself put our heads together and the Chilling Wargamers where born! This is about 18 months ago and while I stepped down as co-host to make place for the very dedicated Andy2D6 there is still a new episode almost every Thursday at 7pm GMT.

With real life getting busier (the reason why I stepped down as co-host from CWG) I have less and less time to make video's. You must realize, a 4 minute video takes about 4-6 hours to shoot and edit. Looking for a new medium to reach out to people on the internet I ended up at Blogspot, because its easier and less time consuming to write an article and ad a couple of pictures then it is to make a video. This is where you are now, and I thank you for reading this and I hope you stick around.


  1. Great first post! Welcome to the blogging scene, may you get many views and followers! I look forward to following your blog :).