Thursday, July 3, 2014

Painting Buddha DVD's season 1.2 and 1.3

Hi everybody!

My good friend Michael, the Painting Buddha, announced a shipping date for their new DVD's!
The date is set on June 6th for people that pre-ordered the "early beard" edition. If you got the season 1.2 and 1.3 bundle you will also get some free extra's like a free miniature and a sample of a plastic sculpting putty.

The bundle will contain DVD 1.2 Freehand and Banner and DVD 1.3 Basing alchemy: Earth.
Both will show you how to achieve impressive things claiming to be at beginner / intermediate level. So get these DVD's and get ready to impress your friends and win painting competitions!

If you want to get into the "early beard" bundle deal (also giving you a 10% discount) you have like two and a half day left! (follow this link)

I did order these DVD's and I will be reviewing them after I watched the DVD's and tried the techniques they show. I've seen some of the freehanded banners they claim you can paint at beginner / intermediate level and I just can't believe it.

We will see though. If I will be able to make some cool, freehanded banners using techniques from the DVD I will most definitely show the results on there. 

Thank you for reading and I will see you a next time.

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