Monday, February 16, 2015

Small animals on bases and models

Hello there highly regarded friends, readers and followers! (even the haters get some love from me!)

Today I would very much like to share a product with you that I recently purchased. It is the Small Animals set made by Busch Modelbau. (special link for dutch readers) It is a German product and according to them the animals are in scale 1:87. At this scale a 6 foot or 1.80 meter human at this scale would be 20mm. This makes them small-ish for hero scale miniatures which are commonly between 28-32mm. 

They work fine however. For me they are meant to set a scene on the base or give people some little extra details to look at while looking at my models. 

The set contains 8 butterflies, frogs, rats, snakes bugs and fishes, 4 salamanders and squirrels and 2 rabbits hedgehogs, crows, woodpeckers and owls. That's well over 50 animals! 

Okay time for some pictures! 

The small animals set comes with 6 sprue's
This sprue contains the rats, snakes, bugs, fish and frogs
This spue contains the birds, hedgehog and rabbits
 So that is everything you get for a RRP of about €8 - $10 - £6. I would personally say that is good value. Painting these little critters can be hard so the manufacturer suggests painting them on sprue. In most cases I recommend you follow these instructions because some of these animals (like the frogs and salamanders) are really, really small! 

After painting you simply glue your animal where you want it. Wanna see what that looks like? Here are some pictures!

Owl sitting on a tree branch
Little green critter performing an excellent wall walk
Little mouse/rat just minding his business

Okay so that is it for now. I find this set to be very useful as it can be used for a wide variety in model and base building.

I hope you guys liked this little article and if you did (or didn't) feel free to write a comment in the section below. If you have seen other products you would like me to cover you can also let me know through the comments.

Thank you all for reading and enjoy your hobby!


  1. Thanks for sharing those minis in public. I wilill certainly buy them.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I'm glad you like them and found my article useful!