Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Product review: XTREME METAL paint by AK-Interactive

Hi guys and girls!

Today I would like to cover the XTREME METAL paints by AK-Interactive.

A word of caution before I start, these paints are enamel based and need to be applied with an airbrush. You really should wear a respirator or open a window to protect your lungs!

The paint can be applied without primer and is ''pretty durable'. If you plan for some serious weathering later on, I do recommend applying primer before applying the XTREME METAL paint. If you apply an enamel based paint over a acrylic or polyurethane primer it will withstand all sorts of abuse. I don't really know the science behind this, but its true. If you know why this is feel free to educate me in the comments.

Burnt Metal is very comparible to Tin Bitz, Tinny Tin or Scortched Metal

The tests I did where without primer. The paint seems quite durable as I lightly scratched and knocked the model over a couple of times without any damage to the paint.

The paint is self leveling and even if it pooled a little it will even out nicely. It has great coverage and gives a great result in just a few thin passes. It is fast drying, so after you're done cleaning your airbrush you can paint straight over it.

Brass compares the best with Brassy Brass or Tarnished Brass

That brings me to my next point. I didn't know what kind of paint it was. I expected it to be enamel so I cleaned my airbrush with odorless thinner. This worked eventually but still some of the paint dried inside my airbrush cup. After some soaking I cleared the nozzle of my airbrush. This incident did make me order the special cleaner that comes with the paint range. I suggest that if you buy these paints, you also order the cleaner just in case!

The paints can be polished. I used a rotary tool with a cotton buffing wheel. This might be a little aggressive for some surfaces. In that case I suggest using soft buffing pads.

Dark Aluminium is a great (Bolt)gun metal or (Shadowed)steel replacement 

The only paint that was a bit disappointing to me was the Jet Exhaust. It isn't a metallic paint, it is simply a transparent black. I do feel it is a good AK-Interactive product as with a few passes you can build up a nice gradient to achieve a nice blackened metal look. (the kind you really want on exhausts) I will also try to use this paint to paint some black miniatures. The transparent black might help blend the sometimes rough highlights back into the shadow.

Jet Exhaust is a transparent black. Very hard to compare to other colors

My conclusion is that this is a very good paint range if you need metallic base coats for your models. It withstands some wear & tear and takes washes and other paints very well. The result is very realistic and its easy to apply.

That's it for now! I hope you enjoyed reading this review and that it helps you decide if you would like to give these paints a try for yourself. I didn't try brush application with these paints because the manufacturer recommended against it. If you have any questions, recommendations of other comments please leave them below!

As always, thanks for reading and see you next time!

** I just got the XTREME METAL Cleaner and tried it out. The paint that has been stuck in my cup for a week and I got it clean under 5 seconds. Good job AK-Interactive! **


  1. Lacquer thinner and acetone cleans it well.

    1. Well my odorless thinner couldn't do the trick for some reason... I didn't try acetone, so thank you for your suggestion!

  2. I know this is an old post, but may be you can tell me. i am looking por matte black color, do you know how it works the metale pale burnt iron?

    1. Hi Pepelui, as far as I know the Xtreme metal range doesn't have a matte black, only a very glossy bu color. But maybe I don't understand your question. You can paint over the Xtreme metal with a very matte acrylic or enamel paint.