Monday, July 13, 2015

Custom paint rack

Hello dear readers!

Today I want to tell you all about this amazing custom paint rack I ordered.

Through Facebook I came in contact with Manuel, who apparently builds paint racks. I wanted to fit the paint rack inside a closet drawer so I had some specific demands when it came to size. After talking through the options we decided on a size. The rack would hold 60 paints. Then came the big question; 'how much is this gonna cost?' I was amazed to find out it would only cost me €14!(about £10 or $15,50) Of course you can get laser cut paint racks for a similar price but do remember that this is a custom build to my specifications!
The rack arrived quickly and well packaged

It arrived fully assembled

It's a perfect

Witness the power of this fully operational paint rack!
If you want your own custom paint rack you can contact Manuel through Facebook or by email (just click for the email address) His pricing is very straight forward. His standard rack holds 100 bottles of paint and costs €20. For every 50 paints you want it to hold the price goes up €10. For detailed information I recommend contacting Manuel. 

I want to thank Manuel for helping me clean up my workspace and I want to thank you for reading.
Till next time!

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