Monday, October 24, 2016

Noctu the Bounty Hunter - SMC'16 loot review #2

Hello hobby friends,

If you are reading this that means you clicked on the link for my second SMC'16 loot review. This time I will review the bust of Noctu the Bounty Hunter made by Dennis Zarnowski from Savage Forged Minis.

The cardboard box Noctu comes in
I bought the booth at his stand at Scale Model Challenge. Noctu is a Sci-Fi bust that has been on my wishlist for some time now. The bust depicts an alien in some sort of space suit or armor with nuts, bolts, and some vents. He is also smoking a cigar. (kids, please don't smoke)

If you remove the lid from the cardboard box you will reveal the bust, safely surrounded by foam. It is tightly packed to prevent the bust from moving too much inside the box, possibly damaging the bust or any of its details.

Noctu inside the cardboard box
The figure is a one piece bust. this does mean that if you want to paint some pieces separately with, let's say, an airbrush, you need to mask off parts of the model. I'm still trying to figure out what would be easier, to paint the armor first and mask that in order to paint the head or visa versa. If you have suggestions please feel free to post those down below in the comment section.

The model itself requires very little modeling or clean up. I had a small mold line on the sides of the armor near the edge. Nothing a little putty and some sanding couldn't fix. The back of the model (the part you would paint black) is a bit rough. If this bothers you, you can sand it down, or you can use a diagonal cut plinth to mount the model on. It is essentially a non-issue, but I do want to mention it.
Noctu right side
Noctu left side
As you can see this bust offers you a lot! You can do some cool stuff on the skin, giving him some reptilian look or play with different colors, even paint tattoos or tribal paint. For the armor, you can give him prestige armor or give it a cool weathered and worn look.

Verdict: I think this is an amazing bust! Lots of detail and you can apply different techniques. Normally I would maybe suggest having a painted box art but in this case, because of the variety of possibilities you're able to paint this figure, I'm gonna let that one go. There is no reason not to recommend this bust! If you want to get one yourself, you can go to this link. The price is €35 which I think is more than fair!

That's it for today. If you made it this far I want to thank you for reading. If you have painted this model, please share your work in the comment section so I can take a look and maybe get some inspiration.

See you next time and happy painting!

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