Monday, October 31, 2016

THE WICKEN KING - SMC'16 loot review #3

Hello fellow painters, builders, and collectors!

Today's article will be my third SMC loot review. I will take a look at The Wicken King bust from Broken Toad. It is sculpted by Christian Hardy before he started working for Games Workshop.

This bust has been on my radar since its release. The lack of a face gives a creepy vibe to figure. It also features tons of different materials which should be a lot of fun to paint!

I bought the model at Scale Model Challenge, where I met Kris in the flesh for the first time after having known him a couple of years through Facebook. We had a great chat about models, brushes, and the event itself.

Back on topic!

The model ships in a cardboard box with the Broken Toad logo and a sticker with the name and details of the figure. The old boxes used to have box art, but I can understand it is easier to have a more general box to ship your products in.

Broken Toad box of the Wicked King bust.
Inside the box, you will find the Wicken King sandwiched between two layers of foam to keep all the parts safe. The model consists of three parts - the main body and two shoulder pads.

All the parts for this bust
The shoulders on the bust have little holes on them where the shoulder pads sit on. You cannot make a mistake where to place the shoulders pads because of this. Dry fitting them showed me that they fit really nice and do not require much filling.

Dry-fitted the shoulders on the model
The model will cost you 25 pound (excl. shipping) which comes down to about €28 or about $30. I think this is a more than reasonable price considering the model you are getting! If you are interested in buying it, you can buy it here from the Broken Toad web store, or check here for a regional reseller!

I am still pondering how to paint the bust. All the textures on the model (metals, chainmail, wood etc) deserve some individual love but the idea crossed my mind to paint it up as a ghostly, ethereal being. Kind of like the King of the Dead from lord of the rings. Luckily I still have some time to decide as I promised myself to finish my orcs first, before starting a new project.

If you happen to have some idea's on how to paint it like a ghost, please leave a comment down in the comment section. I am interested to see what idea's you have come up with...

That's it for this article. I hope you enjoyed reading it. If you liked it, feel free to share it with your friends via any media you desire.

Until the next time!

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