Tuesday, May 2, 2017

One Shot Primer - from AMMO by Mig Jimenez

Hello friends and newcomers,

In this article, I will share my results, thoughts, and opinions about AMMO's One Shot Primer.

From what I've heard, One Shot Primer is a relabeled version of Badger Stynylrez. Now with Badger products not being available abroad, I didn't have the chance to test and compare these, so I am not able to confirm this.

The trio of One Shot Primers

That being said, let's continue with the review!

Currently, there are three colors of primer available from the AMMO webshop; black, grey and white. They self-describe as a self-leveling, sandable primer that covers in one layer. Especially for the white primer, that is quite the ambitious statement.

The primers are sold in a 60-milliliter volume bottle with a special cap. It kind of reminds me of a shampoo bottle cap. At first, I was really excited about the cap, as I dislike caps with a lid that ends up breaking off after prolonged use. According to the website, there is a no drip system incorporated in the cap but either I'm not doing it right (which is a very plausible option) or it doesn't work as described. Also, when closing the bottle cap, it spits/splatters some primer when you snap it shut. So be careful around other models.

Press to open

looks pretty neat and innovative



On with the painting! Now I do recommend removing the protective seal under the cap before trying to pour some paint into your airbrush. Remember: I make these mistakes so you don't have to! 

I applied the primer to a surface I feel a lot of airbrush primes have trouble adhering to; untreated plasticard. I started spraying the black on one side and made it so that every lighter color should overlap the darker color. And with the white I sprayed it over the length to see how it covers all colors. I also created a bit of pooling to inspect the self leveling properties.

The coverage seems pretty good! 

I'm happy with the results! You can't see where I sprayed the primer on too thick and it dried very matte in about 10 minutes time.

So let's start to test how well it sticks to the plastic. For this test, I stuck some Tamiya masking tape over it after only 30 minutes of drying time. I also got some painters masking tape that is much stickier than the Tamiya tape and stuck it on. I let them both sit for about 30 minutes

Tape applied to see if it pulls the paint off the plastic

So after 30 minutes of time, it was time to rip off the tapes. The Tamiya tape came off clean and did not harm the primer at all, something I had problems with when using the Vallejo polyurethane Primer. After that it was time to pull off the painters tape. I was expecting to rip off entire pieces of primer due to the short drying time and the tackiness of the tape.

damage from the painter's tape 

I was happily surprised! Only two small spots where it slightly damaged the primer, but it didn't peel off or break completely through to the bare surface.

Next up is the scratch test! I used a sharp-tipped sculpting tool and dragged it across the surface a couple of times. While leaving a mark, it did not penetrate the primer down to the bare surface. This is very logical considering it is a sandable primer. When applying more pressure and focussing it on the tip of the tool I did manage to penetrate the primer and get to the plastic. But I can't image what kind of situation would cause this other than throwing your model at something or throwing something sharp and hard at your model.

scratch marks created by a sharp tool
So that concludes my review. My overall thoughts are very positive and im looking forward to using these primers on my future projects!

I hope you find my review useful and helpful and that my experiences have some educational value for someone.

I hope to see you next time! Until then, happy painting!


  1. Nice, thanks for the review I was planning on getting some because I have a local source. Now I will forsure

    1. I'm super jealous that you can buy this locally... But yeah, can't go wrong with these primers. Thanks for the reply!