Monday, March 6, 2017

Hobby desk update

Hi to the tough hobby guys, (and the fabulous hobby girls of course!)

No long article today, just something I've been working on recently...
My last review was about the 1:144 scale First Order TIE fighters. I pretty much finished them up by now and I'm about to crash one into the desert of Jakku...

Another Star Wars project I was working on is my crashed Imperial Star Destroyer, also one of the Bandai Star Wars vehicle kits I reviewed. This project is almost done now!

Lastly, I got this new addition to my pile of shame. Another project I really want to do but is in line with a ton of other cool kits, busts, and models... It's a Shaetann bust by mproyec, a limited edition figure that looks absolutely amazing and I just had to have!

That's all for now, people! I still have a review planned for the Bandai mini millennium falcon and if you guys want I will keep you more up to date on projects that I'm working on!

Cya all next time!

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