Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Showcase: Primaris Space Marine

Hello fellow painters and paintresses, 😜

In this showcase, I would like to share a recently finished project, as promised. Before I got the Gabriel Angelos model I showed last week, I went to my local Warhammer store and got a Primaris Marine on sprue to paint.

I didn't choose a specific chapter but I went with a color scheme that would look nice and eye-catching. The base was made on a 35mm round plinth and was made to look like a muddy wasteland.

The puddle of water on the base was made using Secret Weapon Miniatures Realistic Water with a little bit of green paint. This was actually the first time I used this product and while it does shrink a lot, it doesn't smell bad.

Below you will find some more WIP (work in progress) pictures of this project.

The model on sprue

I mixed the brightest orange I could create

Some subtle shades of warm grey to create depth
The eyes were created with glazes of Vallejo Fluo blue

Highlights airbrushed on using a light skin tone

Some handpainted battle damage
Building up the basic shape for the base with cork and tubing

Filling gaps with Milliput

Sanded the Milliput to create a smoot surface

I added Vallejo Fresh Mud texture paste

Some barbed wire from ArmyPainter,
rolled around a pencil
I hope you enjoyed this little showcase article. If you have any questions feel free to post them in the comments and I will answer them as best as I can.

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That's it for today! I hope I will see you guys and girls in a next article!


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  2. hey,i love the style of this. i am going to paint my tactical squad like this. what paints do you use? thx. ;D

    1. Hi Louis, thank you for your comment and for reading my blog. I mixed the orange base color myself but any bright orange will do! I used a flesh color to highlight the orange, I think it was elf flesh or something. I applied it with an airbrush and used it for edge highlights, scratches and chipping. The white for helmet en pauldrons was based with a light warm grey and was highlighted with pure white. The black trim of the pauldrons is pure black.

      I hope this description helps you with your tactical squad. I'd love to see pictures when you're finished.

    2. thank you very much. i will be sure to buy those paints. merry Christmas, Louis